2021 Star Awards

Star Awards: Recognition, Innovation & Inspiration

Submission Deadline: April 28, 2022

The Star Awards allows Working Well to celebrate our community organizations that put employee well-being first! These awards honor organizations and individuals who:

      • Initiate, as well as maintain employee wellness programs
      • Think outside the box and use innovative activities to motivate their employees
      • Recognize and award an individual employee who has inspired others to live healthier lives.

We encourage any organization with a wellness program to apply. Many will be recognized for establishing Employee Well-being Programs through this application, one company will be recognized for its outstanding innovation and one individual employee will be recognized for inspiring fellow employees by significantly changing lifestyle habits. You may nominate as many employees as you believe might be worthy of this recognition.

Types of Awards

Recognition Star Award: Recognizes companies with established Wellness Programs

Innovation Star Award: Recognizes an organization with the most innovative activity for promoting health and well-being for its employees.

Inspiration Star Award: Recognizes an individual employee whose lifestyle changes have inspired coworkers.

You may apply for all three awards.

2021 Inspiration Award Winner, Brandon Hill, with Working Well Board Members Melissa Dancer and Mark Seth Hicks, Sr.

Judging Criteria and Deadline

A Working Well board committee will review all applications and select the organizations that continue to put wellness first; are the most creative in reaching their goals; and determine the Inspiration Award on the most inspiring employee story.

All applications are due no later than April 28, 2022. Awards will be presented at the 16th Annual Working Well Breakfast on May 17, 2022. All winners will be notified prior to the event in order to reserve seating.

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