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Living a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t require a degree.

Educational Lunch 'n Learns

At Working Well, our goal is to help companies of all sizes incorporate healthy initiatives at the workplace so their employees can thrive both on and off the job. To assist you in these efforts, we offer periodic lunch ‘n learns where you can learn and share ideas with others. Topics vary and programs are free to attend.

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Join Working Well and Mary Waller to learn how better understanding the mind-body connection can improve organizational culture.

Neuroscience explains how the mind-body connection can keep us stuck and how it can move us forward. Creating change in individuals and in their organizations requires an awareness of how thoughts and feelings shape our beliefs, perceptions, actions, motivations, and emotional reactions. Awareness helps us move from survival and into creation, which produces an open, creative, and trusting organization. When individuals within an organization change, the organizational culture changes. We can create teams that thrive instead of survive.

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A complimentary light lunch will be provided to the first 25 pre-registered attendees! You’re also welcome to bring your own lunch if you prefer.

Thank you to Capital Health Plan for hosting this event!

12 Weeks of Wellness

Join our Board Members for this weekly live webinar series, designed for anyone looking to improve their health and wellness. Whether you want to know about running your first 5K, or learning more about lifestyle medicine – this learning series is for you!

Sugar Busters

Motivation in a Minute

The Non-Diet Approach

Exercise and Losing Weight

Mindful Eating

Move Your Way to Better Health

Lifestyle Medicine

Coaching vs. Training

Wellness for Success!

Healthy Habits for Men

Building Resiliency

Running a 5K & Beyond

Wellness in a Minute

We designed these quick, efficient videos for people looking to improve their overall health and wellness. From stretching to practicing mindfulness, we hope these videos will be your “go-to” wellness resource.

95210 - Health by the Numbers

What is Mindfulness...Really?

Five Healthy Habits

Breathing Exercises

At Home Workout

What is HeartMath?

COVID-19 Need to Know

What are Heart Healthy Foods?

Helpful Resources

Working Well is dedicated to providing resources, information and education to improve the well-being of our community’s workforce. Please share these resources with your employees and co-workers so that Tallahassee becomes America’s healthiest city in which to live, work, and play.

Know Before You Go!

Staying Healthy Amidst COVID-19

Weight Loss Class (CHP)