Working Well U Learning Series

Last summer we launched Working Well U, your “go-to” wellness resource comprised of quick videos on various topics. We are excited to announce that we will be expanding this resource during the HealthyWage Jackpot Challenge

Starting on February 17th, we will begin a weekly live webinar series, hosted by our Board Members, designed for anyone looking to improve their health and wellness. Whether you want to know about running your first 5K to learning more about lifestyle medicine – this learning series is for you! 

Join Christine J. White for a deep dive into how to manage your sugar cravings, overcome your addiction and gain energy.

Join Heather Fuselier to learn about the different types of motivation and how to make sure you can summon it at a moment’s notice.

Join Afaf Qasem for a discussion on strategies to get healthy and stay healthy without having to jump on fad diet trends.

Join Christine Morse to learn more about interval training, heart rate, metabolism, strength training & common exercise myths.

Join Pam Chamberlynn for a discussion on how mindfulness and mindful eating can transform your relationship with food and eating.

Join Dr. Patrick Smith for a discussion on why people struggle with exercise & how to achieve fitness goals through healthy movement.

Join Pamela Chamberlynn for a discussion on how Lifestyle Medicine can help address root causes of our chronic health problems.

Join Heather Fuselier for a discussion on when to know which type of coach is right for you and what to expect from your coaching relationship.

Join Mary Waller to learn how to start your wellness journey by turning short-term healthy habits into a life-long healthy lifestyle.

This discussion is tailored to men who want to start their wellness journey. Join Brian Smatt as he draws on his own past experience on jump-starting his desire to live a healthier life. 

Stress can derail your best intentions, yet it is an inevitable part our our lives. Join Mary Barley to learn more about resiliency by using strategies from the HeartMath program. 

Join our panel of seasoned runners for a discussion on how to begin a running program and increase mileage for longer races while preventing injury.

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