Corporate Cup Challenge 2020

Corporate Cup Challenge

2020 Corporate Cup Challenge

Compete Virtually Anywhere!

October 17 -31, 2020

For the past twelve years, teams of co-workers enjoy a fall morning full of outdoor fitness challenges for the most fun you’ll ever have outside the office. During this unprecedented time, Working Well is still dedicated to hosting this fitness challenge virtually. This year’s 2020 Corporate Cup Challenge is all about participation and your individual team goals. We have created a virtual event that is flexible, easy to complete, goal oriented and suited for all fitness and competition levels.  Whether you join us for one event leg or all four, we look forward to cheering you from afar!

2020 Virtual Corporate Cup Challenge Event Information

Participation for the event will be recorded by photo, uploaded with #CorporateCupChallenge and your event hashtag. If two or more individuals are in the photo, we encourage wearing masks.

Virtual Corporate Cup Challenge Schedule

  • September 14 – Registration opens
  • October 17 – Corporate Cup Challenge starts!
  • October 26 – Last day to submit Office Olympics video!
  • October 31 – Registration closes and last day to complete your challenge!
  • November 2 – Winners of the Office Olympics are announced via Facebook Live!
  • November 2 – Pick Up Medals and Swag at Awards4You


Since there is a two week time period to complete each event, sign up for more than one event and save! Discount is applied at checkout!

  • Sign up for one leg  ⇒ $25
  • Sign up for two legs  ⇒ $30
  • Sign up for three legs ⇒ $35
  • Sign up for all four legs  ⇒ $40

Team pricing is still $100! Grab four of your closest friends and register today!

Run Leg

This event is a 5K run or 10k. You can complete the run on-road, off-road or a combination of the two. Any course or route you choose is fine – in your neighborhood, at a local park, track or your favorite trail.

Bike Leg

We suggest you complete a 10k bike route, but 5k will also be accepted. You can complete the ride on-road, off-road or a combination of the two. Road bikes, off-road bikes or hybrids can be used. Any course or route you choose is fine – in your neighborhood, at a local park or on your favorite trail.

Paddle Leg

A one-mile or 5k paddle. You choose the distance and your vessel! Kayaks, paddle boards, single scull and canoes all welcome.

Strength & Conditioning Leg

The Strength and Conditioning Leg has three two minute intervals that need to be completed. You will record the number of repetitions for each:

  1. How many pushups can you do in two minutes? (Women can do pushups on knees.)
  2. How many sit-ups can you do in two minutes?
  3. How many times can you jump rope in two minutes?

Kids Fun Run & Bike

Let’s get kids 14 years and younger moving! The One-mile Fun Run and Bike ride can be any route of your choice – in your neighborhood, at a local park, track, or favorite trail. A flat paved surface may be safest for kids.

Office Olympics

Even if you are working remotely, you and your team member can create a challenge that allows you to use things from your home office… many times can you shoot a wadded up paper in a garbage in 30 seconds? How many dips can you do off the side of your chair in 30 seconds? How many times can you bounce a wad of paper up in the air off a clip board in 30 seconds?

Since the community is voting, we think they will enjoy being entertained, so the funnier the better. Maybe that includes some bloopers…..dressing up in a costume….your imagination for your video is your only limitation!

Scavenger Hunt

Your next family adventure awaits! This year, we are excited to partner with Leon County for a historical scavenger hunt around Tallahassee. Put history in your hands and visit historic way markers as part of the Corporate Cup Challenge from Oct 17 to Oct 31, 2020.

Thank you to our sponsors and their dedication to making Tallahassee the healthiest city in America!







Supporting Wellness in our Community

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